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Architects, engineers, design consultants, real estate firms, project consultants and property developers have discovered the value of outsourcing their architectural design services to provide added value to their customers through specialized architectural design services, technical expertise and high standards of quality, reduced costs and quicker turnaround on projects.

Our services include, 2D Drafting & Detailing, CAD Conversion, 3D Modeling, BIM, Rendering, Design Presentations, Architectural illustration, Photomontage, Animation (walk through & flybys) & Interactive project presentations.

2D Drafting & Detailing

Our 2D CAD drafting and detailing services include architectural CAD drafting and detailing for single family to large residential & commercial buildings, tenant improvement and construction projects including general layout,plan, elevation and sections. Detailed working drawings which include coordinated & schematic drawings of HVAC, Electrical, Sanitation & Piping plan, Fire fighting & Landscape Drawings etc.

Door & Window details, Floor Framing Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Building Section, Wall Sections, Roof Sections, Kitchen details, Toilet details & Inverted Ceiling Plans are also drafted in 2D.

We are experts in producing Architectural Construction document set in CAD as required for submittal and also provide 2D House plans in CAD according to city code.

We follow your Architectural CAD standards. Once the first project is completed we then always stick to these details for further projects to ensure quality & consistency of our drawings.

CAD Conversion

We offer complete Paper-to-CAD Conversions and CAD Drafting Services at competitive prices with the precision and quality you can depend on. We handle first angle to third angle projections, conversion from metric to FPS, CAD drafting and CAD conversion, Digitizing Services and image to vector services to convert paper drawings and designs into digital formats. Hand-sketched plans are converted to working drawings.

We take your rough sketches, rough drawings or manually corrected drawings and generate them into professionally edited, engineering drawings. We offer vector image conversion, CAD vector to raster, vector to images, image file format converters, bitmap to vector conversion, vector to raster conversion, image conversion to Computer Aided Design, 2D to 3D conversions, paper to 2D conversions, AutoCAD® conversion, and mechanical CAD conversion.

3D Modeling

We offer 3D modeling services that are used to enable product visualization, preview architectural structures or prototype, which expand audience's imaginative capability. We have an extensive skill base and capabilities that allows us to execute 3D projects using a range of software/applications. We embrace latest techniques to develop our 3D modeling and animation projects

Our dedicated team of CAD engineers shapes your ideas into 3D models, which help you drastically cut down on manufacturing and development costs. We work with our clients to create prototype models, reengineered parts and various new tools using powerful CAD software, at unbelievable prices


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the creation of parametric, or intelligent, 3D models instead of 2D perspective ‘un-intelligent’ drawings. A BIM operates on a digital database and any change made to this database is reflected throughout the entire drawing. This allows everyone involved in the building lifecycle – architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and building owners - to sync together allowing them to view the model in different ways and seamlessly share information

BIM’s produce construction documents that resemble those created by 2D CAD Drafting, but are done much faster and contain information about quantities, materials and other data that can be used in both the construction and management of a building.

We offer Building Information Modeling services creating parametric, sophisticated, intelligent models that expand communication to all members of the project.

3D Rendering/Perspectives

3D rendering add realism and dynamic impact to any engineering project presentation. By perfectly combining highly skilled CADD professionals and state-of-the-art technology, Media CAD serves as a single source support for your 3D modeling tasks such as building designs, home plans, product designs, mechanical components, landscaping, interior design, ship design and aero space. We assure you the best of quality and accuracy at reasonable rates.


Our 3DS Max models are created with actual ‘real world’ elements and characteristics (physical elements, materials, textures and colors). This allows you to visualize the impact of a new building in its existing and surrounding environment in 3D. This is useful for design and planning purposes and is used by planning consultants and architects alike.

Design Presentations

We offer design presentation packages to architects and engineers. The package include construction documents, colored floor plans, furniture layouts, landscaping, 3d rendering of exterior and interior of the building, animation which explain the salient features of the design, interactive CD presentations etc.

Animation (walk through & flybys)

Animation enables effective communication in technical, business and educational environments. We ensure that your company stands out from the rest by enlivening your CADD presentations with a combination of video and still images, graphics, animation, text and sound. All CADD animations developed by us are saved in the industry-standard file format for easy viewing and distribution

Once we complete 3-dimension models, we can create walk-through animations, 3D & 2D interactive animations, 3d model animation, Architectural walk troughs, Industrial Walk through 3D Animation. We can bring your 2D & 3D drawing animations to life from 3D renderings to 3D Walk-thru, 3d animations, 3D computer animation, AutoCAD 3d animation services. We can produce Walk Thru / Fly thru animations.